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The first step to finding your "Dream Property" is letting us know what you want. Please use the form below so we can become familiar with the property you are looking for. It will help us better find a selection of properties for you to preview. We don't stop until you are completely satisfied and on your way to owning your very own "Dream Property."

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Benefits of Ownership

Did you know that:
1. Dollar for dollar, the rate of return on an individual’s cash down payment on a house is substantial? Given the leverage in purchasing a home, the average return on a 5% down payment over 10 years is usually three to five times greater than stock market returns?
2. Repeat buyers are able to put 19% more down on a new home due to appreciation?
3. Home owners move less often and are more likely to vote and volunteer time for political and charitable causes than renters?
4. When you own a home you can deduct the property taxes and mortgage interest from your income taxes?
5. The gains that you make on a primary residence that you have occupied for two years out of 5 can be tax free?

Historically Low Rates

For buyers who qualify, mortgage rates are near historical lows. Rates are well under 6%. According to data provided by Freddie Mac, rates averaged 9.2% in the past 30 years. Go to www.FreddieMac.com and look at the Primary Mortgage Market Survey® for more information on the latest rates.
In addition, low interest rates, coupled with recent corrections, give people looking to upgrade a unique opportunity to take advantage of market conditions.

Value of Your Investment

Despite some contrary media reports and some moderate to severe losses in value in the short-term, home values long-term have and will continue to rise. A return to the traditional 3-4% annual home price appreciation rate is likely to occur by the end of next year (2010) in most areas of the country.